What to expect


We offer several services which are described below;  career counseling and personal development.

Career Counselling – What’s next?

In order to guide you with study and/or career choices we also offer career and future oriented counselling. Concluding an education can be a pivotal moment for many people, during which a lot of changes occur simultaneously. This process often leaves little room for insecurities and personal growth. For instance, developing particular job interview skills or exploring doubts on the direction you would like to take in your career. But also later in your career these questions can arise.

We offer short and longer term personal counselling and training for questions regarding your personal drivers, skills, qualities, career path, profile development, the job market and skills concerning job application:

  • Orientation on personal interests, qualities and motivations: who am I?
  • Orientation on job market: where do I fit in?
  • Implementation: how will I reach these goals?

Personal development – Coaching & Psychological Guidance 

If you feel you are not moving towards leading a meaningful and fulfilling life, this could lead you to experience personal problems. If these affect your life in a meaningful way, it is advisable to address these issues. By reaching out and talking to people around you, your emotional state can improve considerably. However, if you feel you need more help despite the steps that you have already taken, we may be able to help improve your situation. To address difficulties with motivation, lack of discipline or procrastination, feelings of dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression or anger, insecurities or fear of failure or low self-esteem, we offer coaching and/or psychological guidance. 


In the sessions several evidence based techniques and approaches derived from coaching and psychology, are used . Ultimately, my approach to address personal issues is through acting in the areas in your life you feel you want to develop. These areas could include (amongst others):

  • career/work
  • intimate relationships
  • social relationships
  • parenting
  • health
  • family
  • society
  • personal development