About me

IMG_7484Flora Visscher, MSc, Psycholoog NIP

Since graduating as a psychologist I have become experienced in the guidance of people who for any reason have come to a standstill in their lives. For instance, loss of motivation and personal and social aspects of work and study choices. The focus of my approach in based on empirically proven behavioural therapy techniques (CBT/ACT/EMDR).

After a 5 year period as a psychologist in the GGZ (national health services) I made the transition in 2009 to be self-reliant and in this way approach coaching according to my own beliefs. Initially (and still) I guided and coached students and graduates during the different stages of studying and the career choices they face. Especially starting and executing a thesis or research project can be a challenge in this time of life.

Later I moved more towards coaching and psychological guidance of all age groups. Questions that are often at the centre in the sessions are: Who am I? Where do I fit in? How can I reach these goals? During my counselling I can approach these issues in depth.